Why Valencia Sports Medicine?

Dedicated Sports Medicine Physicians in Santa Clarita Valley

At Valencia Sports Medicine, we are dedicated to providing our patients with trusted Chiropractic & rehabilitative care and we work toward ensuring that they can get back to their active, healthy lifestyles. We offer effective and integrative health services that help address your pain. As we develop a personalized treatment option for you, we work to ensure that your recovery goals are met.

When you work with our facility, you can be confident that your recovery is being handled by experienced and trusted Chiropractic and medical professionals. Our team utilizes a variety of treatment options for patients, including integrating sports medicine, chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, physiatry, and nutritional services.

Comprehensive Approach to Wellness

When we take on a patient, our general philosophy and strategy is to fully assess the injury, movement, and functions of the individual as a whole. We do not focus on just the isolated area of injury but more so on how the injury happened, why it may have occurred, and how we can treat and prevent future injuries.

We ask our patients to move in an open space, which allows us to see how the body is reacting to the injury. This open-space movement allows us to create a customized treatment plan. Our corrective exercise programs can help get the patient back into his or her active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Valencia Sports Medicine is proud to offer:

  • A unique approach to medicine using integrative practices
  • A broad range of services to help aid in the recovery process
  • Private gym for patients
  • Boutique-like experience
  • Comfortable environment for all patients

Santa Clarita Valley's Premier Sports Medicine Facility

If you have been injured in a sport, accident, or suffered an illness, we encourage you to contact our premier sports medicine and Chiropractic facility as soon as possible. We offer quality services, and our practitioners understand the language of our athletes. We want to help you get back on your feet and back into your active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Valencia Sports Medicine can help you. Contact our Valencia office today to schedule your appointment.